Caroline Nasser, owner of NAS Salon, has been in the beauty industry for over a decade. She has been a licensed Hairstylist for over 9 years. Her salon expertise is exemplified in her on-site styling for photoshoots featuring models, musicians and athletes, to live events including runway fashion shows and charity events.

Her passion for the industry is clearly embodied in her work. Her creativity, talent and ability to think outside the box, are among a large number of traits that form a distinctive competitive advantage.

With a steady and ever growing clientele willing to travel to see her, Caroline’s reputation as a confident, caring and experienced stylist continues to propel the business.

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Long gone are the days when women stayed at home to cook and clean the house, and raise the family. Long gone are the days when women didn't contribute to the work force. So get out there, be seen, make a difference. Or just sit at home on the couch, either way you’ll look good doing it.

Trust us, when we are done with you there will be no need to ask “Hunny do you notice anything different about me?”

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Whether it’s a suit and tie or plaid and a trapper’s hat, the modern man enjoys looking his best. Start off with a quick wash and shampoo then let NAS Salon turn you into the next James Bond. If you have a specific look you are going for, we’re all ears, if you’d like to leave it up to us, we’ll take great care not to nip yours.

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Sophistication and style in the luxury of your own home or hotel room.


We have dedicated Hairstylists and Makeup Artists with exquisite attention to detail and talent, who truly understand the importance of creating a pleasant experience for their clients. Listening, communicating and educating their clients is their motto. They offer on-site makeup and hairstyling services for weddings, engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette parties, photo shoots and an extensive list of special events.


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Although true beauty starts from within, makeup and hair is a form of expression and an accessory that should never be forgotten.



Looking to keep that salon styled glow on a daily basis?

Using professional products is an essential part of maintaining the salon quality look every day. NAS Salon carries all types of professional Products to cater to each and every client.

Have a special request for certain products/equipment? Dont stress...We special order products just for you!


Passion, perfection, creativity and style!

We may be tooting our own horn, but our gallery speaks for itself. Our portfolio showcases clientele in all facets of life. We have worked with a number of clients on location for professional photoshoots, weddings, hair styling competitions and personal projects. Whether our work is being featured in published magazines or cherished in home photo galleries, our level of service will not change. That is our promise to you!


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